Teachers Leading Teachers

I’m in my 5th year teaching, all at the same school, and we’re on our 3rd principal in that time. School culture – among teachers and students – is underwhelming, and a clear vision for where we’re headed is missing.

As tempting as it is to hold out hope for the perfect leader to arrive or for someone else to do the work of fixing things, I decided last year to invite my colleagues to join me, once a week, at lunch, to begin considering how we might, in fact, be the leaders we’ve been waiting for.

The simple act of connecting with others, especially as teachers, has been powerful, as has the sharing of best practices, strategies, and visions for the path ahead.

This year begins the more focused work of digging deeply into change management and building and shifting culture.

We’re not department heads. We didn’t ask permission or seek approval. We just gathered, and started, drip by drip, doing the work that leaders do.

Probably a lot like you.

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